Parx Plastics offers PLASTICS with a BIOCOMPATIBLE and NON-LEACHING ANTIBACTERIAL/ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTY reducing bacteria effectively with values of 99% and higher according to ISO 22196.

The inventions by Parx Plastics to create a powerful and safe method to inhibit the growth of bacteria combines an innovative method for preparation with the clever use of one of the most abundant trace elements in the human body. We incorporate this element inside the polymers. We do not integrate it as a nanoparticle.

The characteristic of a nanoparticle allows it to come out of the material and transfer to the ambient, where it can be inhaled or digested while the effects in the product deteriorates. We feel there are too many downsides and perhaps dangers to the use of nanoparticles so we truly incorporate our feature in the polymer. It becomes one with the polymer without the dangers of exiting the material. Furthermore the polymers characteristics remain untouched. No change is made to their mechanical and physical property and even after mechanical stress, variations of temperatures and light exposure there is no degradation of the antiseptic effect. The effect lasts a lifetime.

During the research and discovery of our technology we thoroughly analyzed the natural processes and the way our world has found a correct balance to maintain a healthy biodiversity; the result of our efforts has been an incredibly efficient biocompatible technology against gram+ and gram- bacteria’s without cytotoxicity for human cells and without the use of biocides.

Sanipolymers developed by Parx Plastics antimicrobial technology have these characteristics:


Parx Plastics uses a newly discovered methods in combination with one of the most important trace elements that is an essential mineral present in food and necessary in our daily diet.


The Parx technology does not migrate. So the technology lasts a lifetime and there is no danger of inhaling or digesting any substances.


Parx Plastics does not use chemicals, biocides, pesticides, heavy metals(silver), nano-materials, quaternary salts or other harmful substances.


The technology is incorporated in the plastic, so it is not a coating. The function is through and through in the material it cannot wear off.


Our technology cannot escape, leach or migrate from the material. It does not loose effectiveness and the technology does not wear out.


Temperature, light, shape or humidity does not impact the functionality of our technology.


Our technology is fully ROHS compliant.


Our technology meets the applicable EU directives for food contact material.


Our technology proofs to show no migration and does not use pesticides or substances that need registration. What we use is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).


Substances used in relation to our technology are all authorized substances for the use in plastics. So no limitations are applicable.

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Parx Plastics will be exhibiting during Medtec Europe 2015, 21-23 April Stuttgart, Germany. Visit us in Hall 3, Stand 3G60.

Parx Plastics is proud to have materials on display in the PlasTactic area (curated by Materialbiblioteket) of the Elmia Polymer tradeshow. Elmia Polymer is Scandinavia’s largest trade fair focusing exclusively on the plastics and rubber industry.

The European Commission has announces Parx Plastics as one of Europe’s TOP 3 Startups.
The European Commission’s vice-president Neelie Kroes introduced the Tech All Stars competition by urging the backing of Europe’s young startups “Europe has the talent. It needs founders like you to believe it. It’s you who can come up with the good ideas and shake it all up. Start forging tomorrow’s economy. Create the jobs. Change the world. Because that’s what startups and entrepreneurs do.”
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Parx Plastics WINNER World Technology Award
At the TIME Conference Center in New York, Parx Plastics wins the World Technology Award for Materials. The biocompatible antibacterial technology was identified as an innovation with the likely long-term significance. Other winners in this years competition were: Elon Musk (Tesla/SpaceX), Nick Woodman (CEO of GoPro), Palmer Luckey (Founder, Oculus) Read more…

Antibacterial: a global interest

Controlling the breeding of bacteria has now reached global awareness and will be the main focus in the consumer market for upcoming years. Antibacterial and antiseptic objects would not only help reducing risks in underdeveloped countries, but shows to be a valuable precaution and contribution to the (food) safety in the modern world.

In this context Parx Plastics has done extensive biomimetic research in cooperation with renown universities, and has been able to find a unique way to create Sanipolymers™. Plastic objects created with Sanipolymers™ thus obtain functionalities to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria up to 99% according to ISO 22196 tests.


Parx Plastics makes use of only allowed substances. All substances we use are allowed in plastics that come in contact with foodstuff. We do not use chemicals, biocides, heavy metals, quaternary salts or nano-particles. So we do not use substances such as Triclosan or Silver for example. As a reference what we use is present in food and necessary in your daily diet. It is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.
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