Discoloration and contamination by funguses and bacteria are the most common problem for textile products that are used outdoors and in moist and damp conditions. This is a constant challenge for companies in the fields of furniture designed for the beach or the pool area. The furniture gets moist from wet swimwear and is often stored under plastic coverings to protect them from harsh weather. With insufficient opportunity to dry and without proper ventilation the perfect conditions are created for bacteria and funguses to grow and proliferate on and in the textile. It will touch the color, the appearance and the strength of the materials. It will not only deteriorate the appearance and quality of the product but it can also deteriorate the lifespan of the product as bacteria and funguses weaken the materials. 

The Italian textile producer Ramfil s.r.l. has teamed up with Parx Plastics to incorporated Parx’ antimicrobial Sanipolymers into the yarns of the textiles used for sunbeds, beach chairs and umbrellas. Incorporating this biocompatible technology a modification is made to the materials mechanical/physical characteristics, which make the materials inhibit the growth of bacteria and funguses without using any harmful substances. In fact the technology makes use of one of the human bodies most abundant trace elements to achieve this effect. A technology that is not migrating/that is not leaching out and is not making use of any harmful substances. It is biocompatible and perfectly safe in contact with skin and lasts through out the lifetime of the product. 

During this years SUN 2015 tradeshow of 8-10 October in Rimini, Ramfil is introducing this innovation together with furniture maker Ramberti s.r.l. This introduction is also accompanied by the launch of a compatible biocompatible cleaner: Zinx. The Zinx cleaner makes use of all natural ingredients targeted to improve and enhance the bacteriostatic features of the incorporated technology to preserve the best possible lasting protection against discoloration and contamination by bacteria and funguses. 

With these innovations Ramfil and Ramberti are tackling the challenges of bacteria and funguses in a sustainable, eco-friendly and 100% safe way.

Ramfil is a specialist in the business of thermo plastics yarn, the design and the production of technical textiles for indoor and outdoor furniture. They are part of a group of companies that has been in the business of outdoor furniture since 1916. Their headquarters is located in Rimini (Italy) and they have additional facilities in Vicenza. Ramfil is strongly oriented to smart and sustainable innovations and working methods. 

Parx Plastics with its headquarters in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and a laboratory in Bologna (Italy) brings to the market an innovative biocompatible technique to incorporate an up to 99% effective antibacterial/antimicrobial property into plastics. In 2014 Parx Plastics was endorsed by the European Commission, by Vice-President Neelie Kroes, as being one of the top-3 tech startups of Europe. Learn more at:

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