Innovation Expo
April 14th 2016, Amsterdam

On April 14th Parx Plastics will be one of the 200 Dutch innovations that will present themselves at the 6th Innovation Expo in Amsterdam. Be invited to come and see the 200 innovations that bring solutions to global challenges.

Where start-ups, CEOs, scientists and ministers mingle.

The Netherlands is holding the presidency of the European Committee and during this period it is targeted to present the Netherlands as Sustainable Urban Delta. To show and to share innovation, knowledge and expertise to contribute to the solutions of the global challenges of this era, such as climate change, resource depletion, food security and aging. 

PM Mark Rutte

PM Mark Rutte

In total 200 exhibitors will present the innovations that The Netherlands hold in and around the Eye in Amsterdam. Prime minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte will do the kick-off of the meetings about Building the City, Connecting People en Healthy Living. All EU-ministers of Transportation and Environment will attend the Expo and so will many different foreign delegations. 

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