Antimicrobial WFC for Emergency Medical Care Units

Antimicrobial WFC for Emergency Medical Care Units

Parx Plastics teamed up with Aviplast WFC/Deltawood, a developer of semi-permanent emergency hospital care units made out of wood fiber composite (WFC). This WFC material consists of 75% wood fibers from recycled waste or rest wood in combination of 25% plastic (PP) resin. Parx Plastics successfully applied it’s patented antimicrobial technology to this material and these emergency hospital care units can now have an antibacterial property of up to 99% within 24 hours, measured according to ISO22196.


Parx Plastics is one of the ten nominees for the “NIEUWE HELDEN” (New Heroes) award 2015. The “New Hero” election is organized by VNO NCW since 2013 to give the attendees a podium to share their vision, pasion and excellent entrepreneur skills in the intention to motivate and stimulate others.

Michaël van der Jagt, Parx Plastics pitching during VNO NCW event.

Michaël van der Jagt, Parx Plastics pitching during VNO NCW event.

Medtec Europe 2015

Parx Plastics will be exhibiting during Medtec Europe 2015, 21-23 April Stuttgart, Germany. Visit us in Hall 3, Stand 3G60.

Elmia polymer

Parx Plastics is proud to have materials on display in the PlasTactic area (curated by Materialbiblioteket) of the Elmia Polymer tradeshow. Elmia Polymer is Scandinavia’s largest trade fair focusing exclusively on the plastics and rubber industry. The fair, which is organised at the heart of the market, offers a high-class selection in the fields of injection moulding, extrusion and compounding.

Supporting young talent

Parx Plastics supports Classic Young Masters with premium licenses NeoScores.

Classic Young Masters, an organization providing support to young musical talents to help them on their way becoming professional musicians, is supported by Parx Plastics by providing them with 250 premium licenses to the innovative sheet music application NeoScores. NeoScores developed the digital alternative for sheet music and targets to be the “itunes for sheet music”.

During the first event of Classic Young Masters in 2015 the young talents Mayte Levenbach(violin) & Oxana Thijssen (harp) received the first licenses. read more…

KPMG New Horizons event

Michaël van der Jagt, Parx Plastics  and host Rens de Jong

Michaël van der Jagt, Parx Plastics  and host Rens de Jong

KPMG New Horizons is an annual event bringing the corporate world closer together with the startup world. The idea is to link the two and make them learn from each other. What are corporates looking for? What is required by Startups? 

Bridging the gap between corporates and startups
KPMG Innovative Startups helps large organizations to identify and work with the best in class startups to spur innovation. We work with startups to build new products and services for our clients and KPMG.

Parx Plastics Winner World Technology Award

Parx Plastics Winner World Technology Award

Parx Plastics winner World Technology Award

At the TIME Conference Center in New York, Parx Plastics wins the World Technology Award for Materials. The Parx technology was identified as an innovation with the likely long-term significance.

Once a year The WorldTechnology Network brings together many of the world’s most innovative individuals and organizations in science, technology, and related fields to present, discuss and celebrate innovations and accomplishments. In this years edition Parx Plastics was awarded for its inventions creating a biocompatible antibacterial plastic. The technology developed by Parx Plastics is unique in its kind as it is fully biocompatible, ecofriendly, non-toxic and without substances leaching from the plastic.

Parx on

Parx Plastics has created the technology to make plastics antibacterial and biocompatible. The invention - a treatment sold by the kilo - stands to impact all industries, from household goods to the medical sector, and got the team behind it to this year’s Tech All Stars final, a startup competition run by the European Commission.  Read more...

One of Europe’s Top-3 Tech Startups

One of Europe’s Top-3 Tech Startups

The European Commission has announces Parx Plastics as one of Europe’s TOP 3 Startups.

The European Commission’s vice-president Neelie Kroes introduced the Tech All Stars competition by urging the backing of Europe’s young startups “Europe has the talent. It needs founders like you to believe it. It’s you who can come up with the good ideas and shake it all up. Start forging tomorrow’s economy. Create the jobs. Change the world. Because that’s what startups and entrepreneurs do.”

Antimicrobial BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS copolymer

Antimicrobial BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS copolymer

Parx Plastics successfully adds antimicrobial property to BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS copolymer

Parx Plastics announces on target results with BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS copolymer. Terluran® is a standard ABS grade with a low viscosity with a very wide range of applications. ISO 22196 testing by a TÜV-certified laboratory show an antimicrobial effect of 98-99% for Escherichia Coli (Gram-) and Staphilococcus Aurus (Gram+) bacteria. Terluran® GP-35 is a so called “world grade” material as it is available throughout the world and now with the aid of the patented technology of Parx Plastics it can incorporate an effective antimicrobial property. 

Parx antibacterial plastic can prolong the shelf life of food


We have taken an untreated cup and a cup treated by the Parx Plastics innovative technology to make plastic antibacterial and we have filled them up with milk. The cups have been left outside the refrigerator for 10 days and the result is visible below. 

Disclaimer: this is a non-scientific tests. It is merely a trial to see if our hypotheses is supported.

Nexeo Solutions and Parx Plastics sign distribution agreement

Nexeo Solutions and Parx Plastics sign distribution agreement

Nexeo Solutions and Parx Plastics sign an agreement to distribute antibacterial polymers in Europe

Nexeo Solutions Broadens its Porfolio in Europe by Adding Antiseptic and Antibacterial Polymers. 

Nexeo Solutions, a global leader in plastics distribution, announced that it will distribute Parx Plastics’ materials in Europe. Parx Plastics is a producer of revolutionary antibacterial polymers. The agreement enables Nexeo Solutions to broaden its portfolio by adding newly developed materials with antiseptic and antibacterial properties such as SanipolymersTM.

Biocompatible, safe and non-toxic antimicrobial technology

Biocompatible technology creating antibacterial plastic is the safe and non-toxic answer to nano-silver and Triclosan.

A recently invented technology allows the creation of polymers/plastics that inhibit a biocompatible solution to provide a highly effective antibacterial property. The technology offers a safe and non-toxic alternative to the presently available solutions such as nano-silver or triclosan. The effectiveness can reach as high as 98-99% after 24 hours following the ISO 22196 testing guidelines and works effectively against…

Parx Plastics @ IFA Berlin

Parx Plastics was present at the 2013 IFA Berlin show to give a face-to-face introduction of the Parx Plastics innovations to several selected Tier-1 manufacturers/brands.