Parx Plastics announces the availability of two specific grades of materials: PE0020 Saniconcentrate™ LLDPE and PP0016 Saniconcentrate™ PP Random

Both materials, after a plastic injection production process, have been tested by an accredited independent laboratory according to ISO norm 22196 to measure the antibacterial performance on the surface of the samples. Both materials give the highest possible result from the test reaching an antibacterial efficacy of over LOG>5.6 for E.Coli and Log>4.0 for Staph. aureus bacteria. 

PE0020 Saniconcentrate™

A linea low-density polyethene for a wide range of applications. A food grade compliant material suitable for water contact.


PP0016 Saniconcentrate™

A random copolymer for a wide range of applications. A food-contact compliant material suitable for e.g. extrusion applications.


Interested to apply the Parx technology in your product? Please contact us to see if these materials or any other from our portfolio can be a fit for your application. 

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