Born is a young businessman with more than 15 years of experience on developing products and markets in Brazil and all around the world. He is CEO of companies in Brazil, China and United States who produces, import and exports many kinds of products.

The bold profile and its experience in developing markets, were factors for Parx Plastics choice as the new President. The company has been growing in the market and becoming increasingly known, signing contracts with major companies around the world that will start using the antibacterial technology for thermoplastics.

With the large number of thermoplastics already tested and proven the efficiency of Sanipolymers of Parx Plastics, Born sees a way for growth for Parx Plastics in the next years.

“This additive that we developed is a technology that will be in the future home of all people all over the world. An anti-bacterial additive, 100% natural, is definitely a product that all companies worldwide will have an interest in using it in their products in the near future. We have several great partners performing tests and applications and the target is to increase the volume of partnerships every day.”

Now the beginning of a new phase for Parx Plastics is marked, that is consolidated in the market with innovative technology and that each day signing up new customers all over the world.


Parx Plastics with its headquarters in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and a laboratory in Bologna (Italy) brings to the market an innovative biocompatible technique to incorporate an up to 99% effective antibacterial/antimicrobial property into plastics. In 2014 Parx Plastics was endorsed by the European Commission, by Vice-President Neelie Kroes, as being one of the top-3 tech startups of Europe. Learn more at:

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